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    New equipment and new technology means cost-efficient solutions, which ultimately saves resources and leaves smaller environmental footprints. 

    The corporations taking their social responsibility serious will always win in the long run. 

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When using TT Solutions and our partners to finance and lease technology and offshore equipment, organisations are able to free up capital and valuable assets – but at the same time increase their own liquidity

Leasing also secures a flexible solution when it comes to renewing out dated offshore equipment and technology. 

And did we mention that insurance is included in our leasing deals, along with tax benefits?

"Lease what decreases in value buy what  increases in value"

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When using TT Solutions and our partners to lease technology and equipment, quick tax-related expenses is possible – compared to the traditional purchases with balance depreciation. 

Another great flexibility is that it is easy to upgrade to the newest within equipment and technology. No extra or hidden cost will be added to your invoice. 

All that is required is for your organisation to decide on which suppliers of equipment or technology you would like to use, before we will put together a complete leasing deal. 

This makes the process as smooth and time efficient as possible!


Leasing | your advantage

a complete solution from the suppliers of your choice.

  • Simplicity

    We will put together a complete leasing deal, based on the supplier requirements from your organisation. Easy and simple!

  • Tax benefits

    Leasing gives you quicker tax-related expensing compared to purchasing based on the declining method of depreciation.

  • Securing equipment

    At all times, leasing provides the flexibility to upgrade to new and effective equipment during the term of lease, without higher leasing fees.

  • Liquidity

    Use TT Solutions and our partners to lease your equipment and technology. Free capital provides more options.

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